Water Education and Outreach

NDEP's Environmental Education & Outreach Program participates in a variety of outreach and education activities. We take every advantage to educate and engage Nevadan's by providing technical assistance, conducting presentations, hosting teacher workshops, tabling at special events, and partnering with other organizations for special programs such as Project Wet.

Click on our Project WET page to learn about using Project WET to curriculum to teach the youth and upcoming water education trainings

We also publish a newsletter for the public and professionals to gain inforamtion regarding water quality and nonpoint source pollution related topics from around the state and important national efforts.  Sign up for NV Water Quality News HERE


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Nevada Water Quality News 

Winter / Spring 2022

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Watershed Ed Newsletter 

Discountinued and now NV Water Quality News:

Watershed Ed, Spring 2020

Watershed Ed, Spring 2019

Watershed Ed, Fall 2019

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