Certified Environmental Manager

Authority: NAC 459.970 through 459.9729

When Required: Before any person consults for a fee in matters concerning: the management of hazardous waste; the investigation of a release or potential release of a hazardous substance; the sampling of any media to determine the release of a hazardous substance; the response to a release or cleanup of a hazardous substance; or the remediation soil or water contaminated with a hazardous substance.

Approximate Time to Obtain: Certification can only be obtained twice a year. Processing the application takes about 3 months; the issuance of certification after the test is taken takes about 3 months.

Duration of Certificate: 2 years. Certification can be renewed by demonstrating that the holder continues to meet all qualifications.

Fees: Application, examination and renewal fees apply. See Application & Renewal Forms.

Information Required: An application provided by the division must be completed. Demonstration of one of the following is required: a bachelor's or advanced degree from an accredited college or university in a relevant field and at least 3 years' experience; relevant professional registration or certification and at least 3 years' experience; or a combination of education and experience judged appropriate by the division. Also needed are: a passing score on the examination administered by the division; three letters of recommendation; a color photograph; a statement declaring the details of any pleas of guilty or nolo contendere in any criminal proceeding and of any conviction of a crime.

Public Notice: Not applicable

Reporting Required: Not applicable

Comments: Testing is currently held on an "as needed" basis; usually twice a year. A form for registration for the examination is sent to the applicant by the division once the application has been approved. The completed registration form for the test must be received by the division at least 30 days before the examination is scheduled. The examination for the environmental manager is a 3-4 hour timed test.

CEM Application
Exam Registration (Please note: Individuals must have an approved CEM application before filling out the Exam Registration
Renewal Form

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