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Readers Note: This Web page contains links to facilities which have requested to construct and operate a Solid Waste Facility in Nevada pursuant to state laws and regulations noted below.

  Currently, there are no proposed facilities engaged in the permitting process.

State Laws and Regulations
    NAC 444.641 Permit to operate disposal site: Evaluation of application; notice to applicant concerning completeness and compliance; notice of intent to issue or deny application; period for public comment. (NRS 444.560)
    NRS 444.553 Permits to operate disposal sites: Issuance; requirements.
      1. The solid waste management authority shall, in accordance with the regulations of the State Environmental Commission adopted pursuant to NRS 444.560, issue permits to operate disposal sites.
      2. A person shall not operate or authorize the operation of a disposal site unless the operator:
       (a) Holds a permit to operate the disposal site issued by the solid waste management authority;    and
       (b) Complies with the terms and conditions of the permit.

    NAC 444.676 System to process waste: Other methods. (NRS 444.560) Before any method of solid waste processing, not otherwise provided for in these regulations, is placed into operation, complete plans, specifications and design data must meet the approval of the solid waste management authority. Once the facility has submitted an application the review process can be accessed here as the documents become available.

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