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 Nevada Standardized Process Fluids Cost Estimator (PFCE)
 Calculate Your Heap Leach Pad and Tailings Storage Facility
 Closure Bonding Requirements
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The Nevada Standardized Process Fluids Cost Estimator (PFCE) for closure of heap leach pads and tailings storage facility is now available (PFCE Version 1.1). NDEP, BLM, and Industry representatives jointly developed PFCE, which is an estimation tool for the calculation of bond amounts required for Interim Fluid Management (IFM) and Process Fluid Stabilization (PFS). Bonding for IFM and PFS ensures that funds are available for managing the heap leach and tailings storage facility process fluids during closure. Detailed definitions of IFM and Phases I-IV of PFS are available below - see IFM & PFS Definitions. PFCE utilizes standardized labor crews, equipment, materials, and unit costs that will be updated yearly to calculate bond amounts based on the specific heap leach pad or tailings storage facility physical parameters, volume of fluids, and timeframes required for IFM & PFS.

Timeframes and volumes of fluids to be managed may be obtained from a model that estimates heap leach draindown curves. One such model is the Heap Leach Draindown Estimator (HLDE) that may be downloaded from the BLM Nevada Locatable Minerals Hard Rock Mining webpage.

Although the use of PFCE is not required, operators using it in conjunction with the HLDE model may realize a quicker preparation time for the calculation of the IFM & PFS components of the reclamation cost estimate; as well as a faster agency approval time due to standardization of costs and methodologies.

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