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The documents listed below are available as PDF Files and/or in HTML format.
To download, you must have Acrobat Reader (available below).

Reclamation Permit Application

Permit Application for a Exploration Project

Permit Application for a Mining Operation

Reclamation Permit Fees

Note: The links below are to the applicable location in the Nevada Revised Statutes or
Nevada Administrative Code.

Reclamation Application Fee

Reclamation Annual Regulatory Fee

Reclamation Annual Statutory Fee & Report

Reclamation Modification Fees

Reclamation Permit Transfer Fees

Reclamation Branch Documents

2011 — Water Pollution Control and Reclamation Permit Transfer Request to New Owner or Operator

Annual Reclamation Disturbance Report

Small Mining Operations Information and Documentation Filing

Memorandum of Understanding

Contractor and Operator Certification of Exploration/Mining
     Operation Reclamation Cost Estimate for Federal Lands

Mine Plan of Operations Reclamation Bond Checklist

Attachment A - Documentation of Reclamation Activities For Surety Release

Attachment B - Nevada Guidelines - Successful Revegetation for NDEP,BLM & the Forest Service

Reclamation Permit Transfer Request Form

Reclamation Personal Bond (NDEP) 

Reclamation Surety Bond (NDEP) 

Cash Bond Reclamation Personal Bond(NDEP) 

Resource Links

Nevada Prevailing Wage Rates

Davis-Bacon Wage Rates

State and Federal Permits Required Before Mining or Milling Can Begin

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